LCRA Fights Droughts In Texas

Lower Colorado River Authority  pic
Lower Colorado River Authority

Chris Tschirhart consulted as a senior civil engineer with the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA). At this temporary full-time assignment, Chris Tschirhart helped the LCRA fulfill its mission in providing water stewardship, energy, and community services for Texans.

The majority of the lower Colorado River basin is located in Flash Flood Alley. Even with dry, hot summers in Texas, this area is known for heavy flooding and rains. To resolve this, the LCRA operates six different dams: Buchanan, Inks, Wirtz, Starke, Mansfield, and Tom Miller. These dams create the Highland Lakes (Buchanan, Inks, Lyndon B. Johnson, Buchanan, Travis, and Austin) and provide one million Central Texans with a steady supply of water.

The LCRA River Operations Center also forecasts floods and manages floodwaters. LCRA collaborates with cities and counties, as well as state and federal agencies; these partnerships help to reduce the risks of flood damage.

Thanks to reservoirs, the area is now prepared for floods or droughts. The lakes store approximately 655 billion gallons of water for the local residents. Now homeowners won’t run out of water, despite any severe droughts during Texas summers.