What Is Seifukujitsu?

Seifukujitsu pic
Image: ajjf.org

Based in Round Rock, Texas, Chris Tschirhart oversees numerous dam rehabilitation initiatives in his role as the project engineer with the Upper Brushy Creek Water Control and Improvement District. Outside of his professional endeavors, Chris Tschirhart has trained in various martial arts, including the healing practices of Seifukujitsu.

Sometimes translated as “restoration therapy,” Seifukujitsu has been a recognized form of healing for more than a millennium. Though many know it as a Japanese medicinal practice, it actually originated among Buddhist monks in China. As it spread across Asia, Seifukujitsu gained prominence among numerous groups, including martial arts masters who trained in this art of healing so they could provide efficient care to those who sustained injuries. It became particularly popular among Samurai masters, who further honed its healing practices and techniques.

Many still practice Seifukujitsu today, utilizing its techniques as a non-invasive means of treating such ailments as migraines, paralysis, and muscle injuries. Overall, practitioners facilitate healing by stimulating the injured soft tissues and equalizing the body’s Ki energy. Though it is similar to a massage, Seifukujitsu provides total body rehabilitation.