Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Benefits

A senior project manager, Chris Tschirhart oversees water resources and transportation assignments. Chris Tschirhart, who holds project management professional certification, possesses experience managing multimillion-dollar developments across Central Texas.

A well-respected credential, project management professional (PMP) certification comes with the following benefits.

1. PMP-certified individuals possess formal training in communication that allows them to articulate specific details about a project clearly and concisely. They use terminology that is standardized across the field of project management, which helps clients and vendors grasp information and concepts easily.

2. The credential enhances the holder’s ability in the workforce, because it demonstrates experience and knowledge. In a competitive environment, a PMP credential can determine whether or not a candidate is considered for a project.

3. With additional expertise comes higher pay. In 2011, a survey of 30,000 project managers showed an average salary increase of nearly $14,000 for those with PMP certification.

4. A PMP designation requires continuing education to maintain. This means PMPs are constantly aware of the latest industry news and developments.