Brushy Creek Dam to Undergo Modernization Project

Brushy Creek Dam pic
Brushy Creek Dam

Chris Tschirhart has more than three decades of experience as a civil engineer and project manager working with numerous entities across Texas, Nevada, and Oregon. Since 2015, Chris Tschirhart has served as the project engineer with the Upper Brushy Creek Water Control and Improvement District (WCID), where he has managed two dam modernization efforts, planning and design of two new dams, and rehabilitation projects.

Upper Brushy Creek WCID maintains 23 high-hazard dams in Williamson County, Texas.

Most recently, the District began modernization efforts for Dam No. 7 and its auxiliary spillway. At a cost of $17.8 million, Upper Brushy Creek WCID aims to create an entirely new spillway with an a reinforced concrete labyrinth weir spanning 330 feet. This new design will not only increase the capacity of the spillway to meet current standards, but it will also include a steeped spillway chute, stilling basin, aesthetic enhancements, and landscape features. In addition, the District will relocate a 15” PVC wastewater line using trenchless technology, and replace about 1,700 linear feet of Brushy Creek Regional Trail across the upstream slope of the dam.